Updated: Jul 19

Life wins! Dr Chalopin from CHU de Nantes performed a bone tumor resection while preserving the joint of this 3 year old boy! Our designer Alice Rouvez, with the help of Laurent Paul, was able to create a custom-made cutting guide based on the MRI scans.

The purpose of the operation was to cut the bone right below the femur’s growth plate, which was acting as a wall between the tumor and the joint.

Therefore, the cutting guide had to be placed below this growth plate, on the cartilage, which is invisible on the CT. Alice manually segmented each slice of the MRI to be able to reconstruct in 3D the cartilage to use its surface to place the guide. The rest was beautifully managed by Dr Chalopin and the post-operative analysis showed a R0 resection, meaning that the full tumor was resected.

Big success for us!

Updated: Jul 19

MÉDI'NOV CONNECTION, 10th edition, the must-attend event for decision-makers in the MedTech sector. We are excited to be there. Our software, Customize, will be featured on our booth. If you want to discover all the technological possibilities with our PRE-OP Planning software, the implementation of Customize for patient-specific implants or PSIs and our new products, see you there▶️Booth52

Updated: Jul 19

3D-Side received another 510k clearance for its pre-operative planning software Customize for shoulder arthroplasty.

This particular clearance allows physicians to use the processing software to pre-plan shoulder arthroplasty surgeries

Customize is intended to be used during the preparation of shoulder arthroplasties for adult patients only. It displays surgical treatment options that are created based on 3D CAD files generated from multi-slice DICOM data from a CT scanner and uses Artificial Intelligence during the segmentation process.

It is a web-based platform where the physician can review the CAD files in 3D and modify the position and orientation of the different 3D objects. Customize includes an implant library with 3D digital representations of various implant models so that the ideal implant positioning and sizing can be achieved based on the physician’s input.

After physician approval, the treatment plan is saved on the server and can be used as a reference during surgery.

The first customer being onboarded to this new pre-operative planning software is Catalyst OrthoScience with its platform named ArcherTM 3D Targeting.

3D-Side plans to submit another 510(k)s for ankle joint replacement in the near future.