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Applicable to the whole body

This customisation is applicable to a wide range of medical and surgical applications: shoulder, knee, ankle or any other joint in the body

Arthroplasty planning

Customize has been parametrized to create turnkey solutions for various arthroplasties

3D-Ortho is an advanced web-based 3D planning to allow fast and accurate selection of an implant on the patient anatomy and transfer the planning in the operating theatre.


  • 3D planning

A 3D planning is performed based on CT scan images of the patient. After a medical segmentation of the bony structures, 3D reconstructions are performed. A 3D planning is then produced to draft implant positioning, size and type. The surgeon can adapt or validate the proposed planning online while checking various scoring (inclination, coverage, perforation,…) and 2D information on the initial DICOM.


  • Patient specific instruments - optional

Based on the 3D planning, patient-specific instruments are designed and manufactured. PSIs can be used during the surgery to guide the surgeon’s hand during the drilling/cutting, providing a fast and accurate realization of the planning.


  • Other technologies

Various technologies can be incorporated into the planning to guide the surgeon during the surgery: robotic system, navigation, augmented reality,…  



FDA 510(k) clearance for our pre-operative planning software Customize for shoulder arthroplasty


A complete solution for the planning and custom made surgical guides