3D-Cut is a patient-matched, additively manufactured single-use surgical instrument (PSI). Based on preoperative planning, the instruments are intended to assist physicians in guiding the marking of bone and guiding surgical instruments in bone tumor resection surgery, excluding joint replacement surgeries. The target locations are femur, tibia and pelvis, including the sacrum.

3D-Cut instruments are designed from patient computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The clinician delineates the tumor on the MRI that is merged onto the CT, which produces a 3D model of the bone. A draft resection plan and a PSI design are submitted for evaluation to the treating clinician. Upon surgeon approval, the PSI is produced using additive manufacturing.

This represents the company's first FDA 510(k) clearance, and validates the Customize software for planning communication and the 3D-printing platform for manufacturing instruments. 3D-Side plans to submit several 510(k)s in the near future for joint arthroplasty to serve its customers.

“This product is a game-changer in the treatment of bone tumors. It gives the surgeons the ability to optimally plan the tumor resection. During the surgery, the 3D-printed instrument accurately transfers the planning to safely remove the bone tumor. The 500 patients treated so far in Europe demonstrate that 3D-Cut actually saves lives,” said Laurent Paul, Ph.D., MBA, Co-CEO of 3D-Side.

Updated: Jul 19

First face-to-face Trade Mission to Turkey in 2 years, Wallonia Export Investment are looking forward to hosting a delegation of 9 companies from Wallonia in Istanbul. Various sectors will be represented: Health, Construction, Industry, Chemicals, E-learning…

3D-Side is pleased to participate and represent the health sector.

Simon Van Autgaerden, our Product Specialist, is looking forward to this mission and to the meeting opportunities it brings. A nice opportunity to share information about our cranioplasty products and our webplatfrom Customize.

Updated: Jul 19

3D-Side announces the beta release of its Shoulder 3D Arthroplasty software, Customize. Customize is a web-based platform to enable mass customization for arthroplasty. It has been built over years to automate design and manufacturing of 3D-Side’s products, including patient-specific cutting guides and cranial implant. Customize is made of three modules: Interact (an interactive toolbox for surgeons), Create (a toolbox for engineers) and Supervise (a toolbox for quality management and production management).

Catalyst Orthoscience, a medical device company focused on the upper extremity orthopedics market, recently introduced its Archer™ 3D Targeting imaging software, which is based on the 3D-Side Customize platform. Archer 3D Targeting will be used for planning surgeries with Catalyst’s Archer CSR Total Shoulder System and the Archer R1 Reverse Shoulder System. The software offers surgeons the opportunity to review a preoperative plan using an interactive, web-based interface.

The software offers a shared interface for surgeons and engineers, improving the communication process: DICOM transfer, case review (2D/3D), dynamic planning, PDF reports, chat tool and traceability of past surgeries. It increases performance and reduces lead time while creating efficiency with quality-related tasks such as traceability and documentation.

To ensure a reliable transfer in the O.R., intra-operative assistances can be plugged into Customize's output, such as:

- Patient specific instruments

- Robot

- Augmented Reality

- Navigation system

Customize is certified for use in Europe as a class IIa software. A version is available on the U.S. market as a class I device. A class II clearance is pending for advanced functionalities.