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The Backbone

With Customize, integrate communication, design and production management tools

Customize integrates communication, design and production management tools, optimizing the entire process of 3D surgical planning and production of anatomical models and patient-specific medical devices. 

Its main goals: interact online with doctors, create patient-specific models, custom-made devices and supervise the global custom process. The results are impressive: zero waste of time in communication, lead times reduced up to 10 times, and 100% automatic traceability to meet regulatory requirements. 

The platform is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution but is customizable to fit each customer’s needs. Each platform is unique and available online. Each institution receives one specific platform with their own branding, developed to fit their custom applications and gather all data, workflows & communication into one single online software.

Customize is a class IIa CE marked software for Europe and is also US- certified.


Customize is also a segmentation software

Customize is a segmentation software too. 

The segmentation can be run in several modes. Manual edition is always possible. Advanced semi-automatic methods are available as well as human-supervized segmentation based on Artificial Intelligence. According to the number of patients and regulatory status, we will guide you to the right decision. 


Do I have to change my segmentation software?

Do not worry, you can keep using your own segmentation software.

You are not forced to migrate your current solution. You can integrate Customize step by step to make a progressive transition for your quality system.


Plug and Play


Results of the planning can be sent to multiple intraoperative technologies (surgical guide, robotics, navigation, augmented reality,…). Our customers can have one platform for the planning and send it to specific technologies according to the customers or the regulatory status.


Skips the need for engineers early in the process and changes your business model. The surgeons become fully autonomous a few minutes after Dicom sending. 

Segmentation video AI

2D/3D Templating

Provide your surgeons with standard and well-known 2D implant selection. Or go for 3D and grant them with a visualization of 3D structures on top of XRays. Pre-op or post-op, up to you. 

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