Corrective Osteotomy

Cases Studies


Restoring perfect alignment of the arm bones, by corrective osteotomy of specific angles, in different planes.

  • Surgeon : Docquier P-L

  • Hospital : Clinique universitaire St-Luc (Belgium)

  • Age of patient : 11 y



Separating coalescent tarsal bones, restoring normal motion in the foot joints.

  • Surgery date : September 2016

  • Surgeon : Docquier P-L

  • Hospital : Clinique universitaire St Luc (Belgium)

  • Age of patient : 13 y

When bones are fused together, a corrective osteotomy can be performed, restoring the good function of the joint.

This synostosis surgery requires high precision in order to separate the bones to the appropriate depth on the one hand, and to maintain the healthy joint on the other hand.

A surgical guide helps the surgeon to resect coalescent bones. It controls the shape of the resection (depth, length and thickness) with a high precision and accuracy.