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Sneak peek into a recent bone tumor resection

Here's a sneak peek into a recent bone tumor resection case which highlights the intricacies that can be faced in orthopedic surgery.

With such complex contours of the affected area, we faced the challenge of how can we preserve most of the condyles and epicondylar attachments ? In simple terms, our guide and use of pins as mechanical stops proved decisive in avoiding any possible damage to the healthy bone.

These pins served as crucial guides, enabling our surgeons to navigate precisely through the internal intersections. Without them, the risk of accidentally damaging surrounding structures would have been significantly higher. Each incision guided by these mechanical stops, enabled a resection that was not only complete but also remarkably accurate.

This case highlights the importance of leveraging both surgical expertise and innovative tools to achieve optimal results in orthopedic procedures. 🛠️💡


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