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Over 100 USA patients treated by the collaboration between Catalyst™ OrthoScience and 3D-Side

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Catalyst™ OrthoScience and 3D-Side are excited to announce that over 100 patients in the USA have been treated with Catalyst™ 3D Targeting Software!

Catalyst™ 3D Targeting Software is an innovative, 510(k) cleared preoperative shoulder planning software created by 3D-Side for Catalyst™ OrthoScience.

The platform includes both anatomic and reverse planning capabilities that equips the surgeon with an advanced understanding of each patient's unique pathology and delivers an individualized surgical plan prior to the procedure -- with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.

3D-Side is more than happy to collaborate with Catalyst™ OrthoScience and their surgeons to provide the best planification experience to the surgeons and to help day-to-day those patients to come back to a better and healthier life after their shoulder arthroplasty surgery.

We are ready for the next 100 cases!


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