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Customize, ready for the US market!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

3D-Side announces the US launch of Customize, the Web-based platform to efficiently communicate, produce and design custom made devices.

Customize, already a class IIa CE marked software, has now the official “Go” to provide the US surgeons with the planning solution. The next destination for Customize in its international journey is known: The United States!

Personalized medicine is shaping the future of healthcare, with the industry looking for ways to adapt their activities towards patient-specific technology. Customize is an online platform in pursuit of helping medical devices manufacturers shift from standard to custom made medical devices. The platform integrates communication, design and production management tools, optimizing the entire process of 3D surgical planning and production of patient-specific medical devices. With everything centralized into one single platform, all the actors involved can access and discuss their custom cases anywhere, anytime and online.

And the result is impressive: zero waste of time in communication, lead times reduced up to 10 times, and a 100% automatic traceability to meet regulations’ requirements.

Customize is now officially ready to enter the US market. A few months ago, 3D-Side also opened its first American subsidiary.  Stay tuned for the latest news of Customize’s international journey!


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