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Our Customize Solutions




Customize has been parametrized to create 3D-Ortho.

3D-Ortho is an advanced web-based 3D planning to allow fast and accurate selection

of an implant on the patient anatomy and ordering of a dedicated PSI (optional).

It is applicable to all arthroplasties: Ankle, Shoulder, Hip, Knee... via a single platform.


  • Global Interface. This advanced interface is connected to other Customize modules, offering collaborative medicine, short lead time and unprecedented customer experience.  

  • Artificial Intelligence. AI-based engine for improved quality of service.

  • Connectivity. Results of the planning can be sent to other intraoperative technologies (robotics, navigations, AR,…)

  • Parametrization. The interface can be adapted to the medical company specifications. 

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Patient-Specific Cranial implant

 Based on 10-years of experience producing cranial implants, Customize has a built-in application for cranioplasty. It makes communication and validation straightforward. Questions and comments are raised and supported by 3D model visualization and CT and implant slice browsing. It optimizes and streamlines communication, creation and supervision of the production of cranial implants. 


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Orthopedic Oncology

After hundreds of successfully treated patients, the Customize platform is a cutting edge platform for bone tumor resection and custom-made implant design. 

Online tumor delineation, multimodality matching and advanced planning tools have been implemented to provide a unique solution in orthopedic oncology. 


Patient specific anatomical model

An anatomical model precisely illustrates the anatomy of a specific patient, with the aim of planning and discussing the surgery much more easily.

Customize is able to manage the global workflow for the production of such medical devices. It includes interfaces for the medical team - the engineering team and integrates a quality system associated with the automatic device history file to support regulatory objectives. 

Corrective Osteotomy

When bones are misaligned, a corrective osteotomy surgery can be required. High technical requirements (corrections of different angles in different planes), complex bone geometry, limited visibility and a restricted workspace can result in a difficult surgery.

A patient-specific cutting guide is a custom-made instrument that helps the surgeon cut a bone. Coupled with a preoperative planning, the guide(s) will transfer this planning into the operating room, resulting in an accurate and time-efficient osteotomy correction.


Based on Customize, the design and production of this kind of medical device are accurate and efficient. Personalized healthcare is possible. 

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