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When surgeons unite...

When surgeons unite..

After carefully analyzing the various treatment options for this young patient, Dr. Robert Elbaum, Dr. Pierre-Louis Docquier and Dr. Jerry Kieffer opted for PAO surgery.

To help them, 3D-Side designed two guides; a cutting guide and an aligning guide to work with this surgical technique.

The resection guide was placed on the bone and secured with Kirschner wires. The bridges connecting the two parts of the guide were then severed. The surgeons were then able to make the cut along the lines of the guide.

The two parts of the guide were removed, leaving the six proximal wires in place. They were then able to reduce the bone fragments and check their position using the alignment guide. The guide was positioned over the parallel wires.

Finally, the bone was fixed using a method of their choice, and the fixation guide removed.

So much for a brief technical explanation of the role of our guides in this surgery. Great teamwork and collaboration for this young patient, who has been doing very well ever since.


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