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Flash Back

In March 2022, we launched Archer™ 3D Targeting Software in partnership with Catalyst OrthoScience

Archer™ 3D Targeting Software is an innovative preoperative shoulder planning software, whose mission is to help the surgeons to fully understand their patient pathology and to deliver a personalized surgical plan prior to the surgery. After a little over a year, over 500 patients have benefited from this individualized treatment in full synergy between both engineering teams and Catalyst surgeons.

As we are constantly dedicated to patient care, we have worked hard to improve the surgeon's experience with a new look and feel of the preoperative planning. We are excited to announce that our latest software release in May 2023 has brought another round of updates to our userbase that have been well received, and we are working hard on the next generation of tools with our top Catalyst surgeon users and engineers.

“I’ve been utilizing Archer™ 3D Targeting Software this past year for most of my pre-operative planned cases, and the software is a great blend of speed and simplicity for getting the data I need to feel comfortable heading into each of my cases. The humeral planning software is a game changer. It really improves my understanding of the true humeral head in deformity cases and provides me more confidence in the OR to precisely recreate the patient's native anatomy. The Catalyst and 3D-Side engineering teams have been receptive and responsive to me and my colleagues feedback and the product is ever improving because of this. This is important to me as a surgeon, so I can have access to the best tools at my disposal for patient treatment.” – Dr. Patrick Noud


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