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Resection & reconstruction in one surgery

We are delighted to share the case of a patient who benefited from Dr. Johnny Duerinck’s expertise and our personalized guides.

To meet this patient's needs, several procedures were required:

◾ Temporal and orbit resection (intraosseous meningioma): The meningioma was distorting the orbit, reducing its volume. To perform the resection, a custom cutting guide was fabricated. This guide facilitated a precise resection of the temporal bone, which was also affected, and gave the surgeon a sufficient access to take care of the orbit resection.

◾ Orbit reconstruction: The second challenge was to restitute the original volume of the patient’s orbit after the resection. We used the mirrored contralateral orbit of the patient to obtain a reconstruction of the lateral wall that would restore that volume. We provided a 3D model of that reconstruction that was used during the surgery. Dr Duerinck applied the PMMA on the surface of the orbit on that model to obtain the orbital implant. It was then positioned perfectly inside the patient's head.

◾ Finally, the cranial implant for the temporal bone defect was prepared and built directly in the operating room, using the mold previously produced by our designers. This personalized approach enabled us to close the patient's wound effectively and preserve facial aesthetics.

We are proud to have been able to offer this patient a personalized and effective surgical solution thanks to the collaboration between Dr. Johnny Duerinck and our team. This demonstrates our commitment to quality patient care. 👌💪💯


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