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3D-Side Launches AI-based Segmentation in Customize Surgical Planning

3D-Side announces that AI-based segmentation is now part of Customize to automate its cranioplasty product. The workflow from DICOM transfer to draft planning is totally automated. In other words, it covers segmentation of medical images, 3D reconstruction, detection of anatomical landmarks and implant fitting. There is no engineering intervention before the final decision is taken by the surgeon. First patients suffering from cranial defects have been treated following this process. It paves the way for future applications such as joint arthroplasty.

Customize is a web-based platform to enable mass customization. It has been built over years to automate design and manufacturing of 3D-Side’s products (Patient-Specific cutting guides and Cranial implant). It is made of 3 modules: Interact (toolbox for surgeons), Create (toolbox for engineers) and Supervise (Toolbox for Quality Manager and Production Manager). The software offers a shared interface for surgeons and engineers, improving the communication process: DICOM transfer, case review (2D/3D), dynamic planning, pdf reports, chat tool, traceability of past surgeries. It increases performances and reduces lead-time while ensuring quality-related tasks such as traceability and documentation.

This integrated approach will also be the backbone for data collection of medical devices performances to support, in the near future, the implementation of the feedback of post-op results on the Pre-op planning. By integrating AI, Customize enables mass customization of planning and design of patient-specific medical devices. In a near future, 3D-Side plans to enlarge its AI portfolio to serve its customers. An example is the post-operative data collection and analysis to improve patient’s outcome.


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