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3D-Side announces agreement with S+N for the launch of their TOTAL ANKLE Interactive Software

“After gaining the 510(k) in August 2022 for our Ankle Arthroplasty Pre-Operative Planning Software, Customize, we are very proud to announce an agreement with Smith & Nephew and the commercial launch of their platform TOTAL ANKLE Interactive Software.

TOTAL ANKLE Interactive Software is a dedicated web-platform using all the functionalities offered by Customize and compatible with surgical techniques for the CADENCE Total Ankle System and the SALTO TALARIS Total Ankle Prosthesis.

The platform enables physicians to upload CT and X-RAY scans of their patients and receive a 3D pre-operative plan of the reconstruction of the pathological ankles.

Based on the pre-operative planning, the physicians can optimally position and size the talar and tibial components, adjust boney positioning and alignment, and assess impact to anatomical structures or existing hardware.

3D-Side is specialized in customization, both in software and in its cutting guides. Each patient is unique, and each treatment must be adapted to this uniqueness.

Our agreement with Smith+Nephew will enable us to support physicians and patients that will benefit from a customized solution in the treatment of ankle pathologies. Making life better through our solutions is at the heart of everything we do.

3D-Side is excited and ready to help the first patients that will soon be introduced in the TOTAL ANKLE Interactive Software!”


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