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3D Mechanical Engineer

3D-Side is a Belgian company active in the medical sector which assists surgeons by integrating 3D technologies in the operating theater. We support surgeons and medical device companies to plan complex interventions, providing them with a custom-made software web platform and patient-specific instruments to perform the surgery and ensure the good follow-up of the manufacturing process. 

Key responsibilities 


Software Support Activities 


  • Based on our customer requirements, determine the most appropriate methodology to develop mathematical and 3D related functions of the software 

  • Support and coach the software developers to implement those functions 

  • Test the implementations to ensure the mathematical implementation is correct and that functions are working as expected 

What's great in the job? 


  • A team of other enthusiastic and motivated super-heroes 

  • Large technologies and innovations scope - Diversity in the job, you’ll be able to learn a lot and propose many ideas 

  • Challenges in a fast-evolving international scale-up 

Must Have 


  • Master in (Bio)Mechanical Engineering or Mathematical Sciences with strong affinity with 3D concepts 

  • Ability to analyze a requirement and turn it into specifications and proposing of the most appropriate mathematical solution 

  • Ability to coach other team members and review the implementation of the mathematical concepts in the software 

  • Structured and documented tests or methodology to comply with quality regulations in the Medical Sector 

  • English Reading/Writing/Speaking 

  • Pro-active and autonomous 

  • Good team player 

What we offer?  


  • A full-time job to save patient’s life together with a great team!  

  • A competitive salary and benefits package (hospital insurance plan, lunch tickets, car, compensation allowance for homeworking)  

  • Flexibility of the job with a homeworking plan  

  • Reduced taxation under the Belgian copyright program 

If you are passionate about development and innovation, then it is time to work on projects where your work will count ! Come and join our multi-disciplinary team of developers to save lives.  
3D Mechanical engineer

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